After much discussion about future house requirements, we finally decided we really wanted to stay in our current home. We now needed to future-proof it for our old age.

Our experience with residential lifts in Japan gave us the idea of installing one in our house. This would give internal access to all levels from the garage to the bedrooms — 3 floors. How to improve the existing kitchen and bathroom areas was also a major challenge. We approached Philip Porritt, an architect renowned for his skill in renovating houses, who spent time with us discussing all the options and drafting superbly detailed plans. We put these plans out to tender and chose Scott Feasey (Scotty’s Construction) as our builder. It turned out that Scott had visited our house as a child and knew the original owners —a good start! The team of Philip, Scott and Graham Lloyd, the onsite foreman builder, was a winning combination.

A key feature of this team effort was our fortnightly meetings with Philip and Scott. These were always constructive, good-humoured and productive and proved to be a key element in the success of the renovation. No problem was too hard.

Graham and his builders spent months of quality building to create what we have today. Each building stage was a revelation with the plans taking shape before our eyes!

We love living in our newly renovated home. It is spacious, airy, light and very warm. It is so welcoming when we come home after being away. A big thank you must go to Philip, Scott, and Graham for all their many skills, craftsmanship, attention to detail, patience and understanding.

– Erris and Peter Thompson

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